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Callie and Friends writers are cannabis enthusiasts with families of their own. The books they have created are tools they use in their own homes. 

Our story

Books from Callie and friends were first published in 2017 when co-writers Juliette and Kris were looking for accurate information, to teach their own children about the Canabaceae plant family. Kris has worked in the cannabis and hemp industries in Colorado, and internationally since 2013. 

 Juliette has supported the book series with her excellent organizational, accounting and fulfillment skills. They both felt it was important to provide this resource, as adult use legalization was implemented in CO, making it the first state in the United States to do so. 

We hope that you enjoy our books, and that they have helped re-educated readers about this multi-use plant, that was used as medicine for more than 100 illnesses and diseases, and was listed in the US Pharmacopeia from 1850 until 1937.

We also hope that Hana Hemp helped explain the long history of hemp, and that it can be used in thousands of products, to help solve world hunger, and to supply most of the materials humans and animals need for a healthy and sustainable world.
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Juliette Benz


Juliette lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, two dogs and two cats. She also has two grown sons who come and go whenever they please. The construction and real estate industry plays an important part of her life, but she is inspired by writing

She grew up in South Dakota and was taught that hard work and manners are a part of life. Due to ever changing laws concerning cannabis, she feels it is important to educate the public on the laws regarding the consumption of this plant

After being approached by Kris, who inspired Callie and Hana, they searched for information regarding cannabis and childrens education. They found little that was suitable for the entire family. Their hope is that you enjoy Callie and her friends, as much as they enjoyed developing these characters and watching them grow

Kris Morwood


Kris is the co author of Callie Cannabis and Hana Hemp. While raising her now adult children, Kris saw a lack of factual information discussing cannabis and hemp from a parental perspective. She envisioned characters and books designed to normalize the conversation and reduce the stigma, in an easytoread format for any age. That is how the Callie series came to be

Ms. Morwoods background includes work in standards development for the cannabis and hemp industries as well as community relations and charitable donations for large corporations, yet she is most proud of her work and board service for numerous nonprofits

Kris is grateful to be able to combine education and philanthropy in her work. She currently consults in emerging legalized markets, promoting responsible consumption and fostering best practices of corporate social responsibility in the industr


Writer and Illustrator

Blair has written and illustrated numerous childrens books. She has received artists residencies, scholarships and an international art award for her talents. Blair spent her youth between the art scene in Philadelphia and skeet shooting in the back woods of Virginia

Art is her number one passion, and although she works in a number of mediums, her signature style is collage with recycled materials. Her art has been recognized with an International Art award from Neo Pop Realism and can be found globally with works residing in every major U.S. City, Paris and Hong Kong

Blair has been active in the cannabis industry, bringing awareness to the medicinal practice and industry uses of this plant for many years

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Corbin Hillam


Corbin Hillam has been an illustrator for over 35 years. His drawings have appeared in over 200 books, mostly for children. He has been painting public murals since 2006. He works in both chalk and paint, indoors and outdoors.

Corbin’s books are mostly in the area of educational publishing, both secular and religious. He has written and illustrated three of his own books for children. His murals have appeared in elementary and middle schools, climbing gyms, and private homes. He also specializes in outdoor chalk murals. His clients include Pioneers Museum, EpiCentral Workspace, Colorado College, Mountain Chalet, and City Rock Climbing Gym.

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